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Elizabeth G. Butler Angel Foundation

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We're interested in hearing from you!

Do you have comments or questions on our organization?
Just e-mail us at:

Or you can reach us at our mailing address:

Elizabeth Gabrielle Butler Foundation
PO Box 228
North Salem, New York   10560

Or you can give us a call at (914) 729-1969

Board Members

Patti Butler
Bonnie Butler
Mary Jane Acito
Denise Barnard
Kevin Hordern
Maria Hale
Janice Hellwinkel
Theresa Hordern
Betty Swetz
Mary Wing
Bill Crenson
Carlo Marano
Richard Seidel
George Bovino

Students Reps.

Johanna Acito
Megan Hordern
Meghan Wing
Torrie Crenson

Our goal is to help all young adults
understand and implement the
concepts of open communication,
self-discipline, and self-respect
in relationships.